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Laser cutting - 3000mm x 1500mm twin bed CNC laser cutting centre

Our laser

To be competitive in todays market you need to be at the forefront of todays technology. That is why we have invested heavily in the leading edge of laser cutting machinery.

With minimal lead times, optimum material utilisation and no tooling costs, laser cutting offers unparalleled productivity. Fast, flexible and more importantly cost effective production of your parts from first off pre-production samples and one off items right through to mass production runs, laser cutting offers maximum accuracy and repeatability from simple shaped pieces to items of almost limitless complexity.

Dimensional accuracy and repeatability is typically plus / minus 0.15mm for laser cut parts.

We utilise state of the art CAD / CAM systems to either accept your own electronic DXF drawing files via e-mail or disc, or programme directly from sample parts and / or detail drawings to your own specifications.

Automated nesting of parts turning items into finished working nests further reduces cost and material wastage. Optimum cutting paths for tool travel provide minimum piece part price.

Let us quote you on your one off part or your production run requirements - we can cut what you want, when you want it.

Pressbrake - Edwards Pearson PR320, 7100mm x 320 tonne CNC pressbrake


Pressbrake technology doesn’t come any more advanced than the PR series of machines from Edward Pearsons.

With patented active hydraulic beam compensation to guarantee a consistant angle over the full length of your component, this type of machine is the only downstroking CNC pressbrake with active crowning feedback in production. The pressure reference system measures the actual bending force and provides the exact amount of compensation pressure needed to achieve perfectly straight sections. It is capable of automatically sensing variations in the thickness of the material and compensating for any differences it finds automatically.

The press is also fitted with a compensation system to overcome inaccuracies caused by frame expansion through temperature changes. It automatically corrects the ram positions at the bottom of the stroke as the frame expands or contracts due to temperature variances.

If you have a requirement for pressing, look no further. You will not find a more advanced machine.

Contact us for a quote or further information.

Colchester Harrison T8M Production Lathe


Tornado CNC Turning Centres provide greater consistency and accuracy because they are built using Colchester-Harrison's unique "Duo-Stable" advanced machine tool construction which provides thermal and dynamic stability up to 300% greater than cast iron. Components produced on a "Duo-Stable" machine are typically more accurate, have better surface finish and less tendency to thermal drift. For 3 axis turning the T8M CNC Turning Centre is perfect as they have full C axis, spindle disc brake and driven tooling to make radial and axial milling, drilling, boring and tapping easier than ever. Our lathe is perfectly matched with the world's first and most advanced all electric and fully integrated barfeeder, featuring work scheduling, tool management, automatic bar scheduling and component quantity calculations.

The T8M benefits from a 254mm / 210mm chuck capacity with a through chuck bar size of 66mm, programming is quickly & easily achieved using the FANUC Manual Guidance conversational software.

Richmond 1020 VMC


With a table size – 1120 x 510 (Z axis of 560mm) & having feed rates of up to 30m/min makes the Richmond 1020 one of the most compact yet capable workhorses on the market.

Having a 20 tool carousel with a positioning accuracy of ±0.005mm & a repeatability accuracy of some 0.0025mm this unit perfectly compliments our range of machinery & offers our customers the manufacturing solution they seek.

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